Thursday, April 4, 2013

WANTED: Punxsutawney Phil ~ DEAD OR ALIVE

As my son so eloquently put it, "are the cherry blossoms ever going to bloom?"  I feel his pain!  We had such an early blooming season last year that I really thought this year would follow the same time frame.  But this is not so!  I've been seeing warrants out for the capture and conviction of Punxsutawney Phil, and it just makes me laugh :) Even though the calendar says we are in Spring, if you take a look at the thermometer, it feels more like winter. It is still snowing in many parts of the country and seeing that it is April, enough is enough!  Here in the DC area, we woke up to below freezing temps and this is having a direct correlation to the later than predicted blooming period.

Proof that Spring is indeed on it's way!
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© Corrie M Avila

The National Park Service updated their bloom schedule today.  The cherry blossom trees have reached their "puffy white stage" which puts them at 4-6 days from their peak bloom.  So that puts us at approximately Monday the 8th - Wednesday the 10th.  There is a fantastic blog by David Coleman Photography and he has an update from the tidal basin yesterday with photos.   It looks like if you were to go down there this weekend, you will have blossoms to see, but it won't be all encompassing.  You should also check on the Cherry Blossom live webcam from the tidal basin.  As of today, you can see a few smatterings of white, but the trees are still looking quite bare.  My only recommendation if you will be heading there this weekend is to steer clear of the tidal basin area on Sunday morning as they are hosting the Cherry Blossom 10 mile run.

If you are in one of the cold and snow ridden areas, hang tight... Spring has to come, eventually <3

If you have yet to read my tips on photographing the cherry blossoms, click here.

Capturing the Moment,

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