Saturday, August 25, 2012

Empire State Building Shooting

Yesterday morning around 10 AM, I received a phone call from my sister who lives and works in NYC.  She told us about the shooting that took place in front of the Empire State Building and just wanted to let us know she was okay.  This event particularly hit home to me because exactly one week ago from the shooting, I was standing in that exact spot on 5th Avenue taking photographs of the iconic building.  I know that the shooting was domestic in nature, but it was still a shooting, and people were killed and injured.

Empire State Building, NYC © Corrie M Avila

While I was taking photos in NYC last weekend, I was extra cautious and careful.  Making sure I was aware of my surroundings, keeping my camera bag across my body rather than just on my shoulder, and watching for suspicious (aka creepers) looking people.  But the reality is, you can be the queen (or king) of caution, but we truly are victims of circumstance.  We can take as much care and caution in our surroundings as we are able to, but there will always be things beyond our control.  

I believe in prayer, and it seems that in these days, that is the only things we have to hold on to.  I pray for the victims of the shooting yesterday, that they recover fully and are able to manage and deal with this trauma.  And I encourage you to not let tragedies such as this one stop you from going out and exploring.  Sadly these things can happen everywhere.  You do your best to be safe and cautious, and the rest you leave in God's hands.

Happy Shooting (and I do mean the photography kind)


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