Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fifth Avenue Saxophonist

I just got back from a trip to NYC to photograph an event on Governors Island, the Jazz Age Lawn Party.  I still have yet to finish editing those photos, but will blog about the event as soon as I do.  I filled the remainder of my 72 hour trip to NYC with all sorts of wonderful things.

While walking along 5th avenue I came across this gentleman playing the most beautiful saxophone music.  I dropped some money in his case and asked to take his photo, he nodded and continued playing.

5th Avenue Saxophonist

I said "God Bless" and started to walk away.  He stopped playing and asked where I was from.  I replied "Washington DC."  "Never heard of it" he said.  He then asked where it was close to.  I replied "Virginia."  He again replied "never heard of it."  I smiled and politely turned to continue on my way.

As I started walking away, he began playing again ~ the most beautiful music.  To him, his music was reality ~ nothing else seemed to exist or to matter.  He was relaxed and in the moment.  He reminded me a little of Jamie Foxx in the movie "The Soloist."  While the music was playing, all was calm, peaceful and perfect.  But when he stopped playing (his safe zone) he became agitated, confused, and disoriented.

I will never forget you Mr. Fifth Avenue Saxophone player <3

A side note ~ when taking photos of street performers, always make sure to have singles to drop in their basket.  They will appreciate it and will probably cooperate and give you a nice pose.  When I was in Historic Alexandria, VA for the day with family, there was a young lady who was playing the xylophone.  There was a gentleman who did not drop anything in her basket and proceeded to take a photo.  She became irritated and commented that people usually paid her for her photos.  It is an awkward position to be in and is good practice to always give something to a street performer before taking a photo.

Happy Shooting!!


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