Thursday, November 29, 2012

Corrie's... uhh, I mean, Rockefeller Center's Christmas Tree

For those of you who don't know, the tree that is annually put up in Rockefeller Center, well that is my tree <3  I've been in love with this tree since I was a little girl.  Last night they had the official tree lighting event in New York City.  The last time I saw the tree in person I was small ~ real small...

Rockefeller Center, NYC
circa 1986
© Corrie M Avila

This photo is special to me not only because of the tree but also because it includes my dad, my brother, and myself.  Since my dad passed away when I was young, the absence of him in my life is only illuminated by his absence in photographs.  So when I see a photo of something special, and he is in it too, it puts such a smile in my heart.  I also love the fact that it looks like my dad has a death grip on my jacket ~ he was probably trying to keep me from climbing on an angel or something :)

This year we figured it was time to go as a family and see New York City in all it's holiday splendor.  We get to spend five glorious days in Manhattan and guess what is number one on my list?  Yep, my tree <3

I will be blogging about my "must-see" holiday list for New York City.  If you haven't been, you must go... 

Happy Shooting!

Corrie <3


  1. I believe we were standing on something. And i'm taller.

    1. I think we are standing on the short wall surrounding the little garden that the angels are in. There is a name for it ~ I think they are called the "channel gardens."

    2. yep ~

  2. Actually, Corrie, I was there, taking the photograph. My memory is a just a tad bit fuzzy, but standing you and your brother up on the short wall that encased this portion of the garden, kept you both in the same spot long enough to actually take the snapshot. The problem was not Joe . . . and your Dad did indeed have a death grip on you that night, for on a previous family outing involving huge crowds, you wandered off and disappeared through the sea of grown-up legs, scaring both of your Dad and myself!!! You were always an independent little thing - you told us you were not lost because you knew where you were the whole time. If you look closely at the photo, you are the only one who was looking into the camera! Your Dad was not about to take his eye nor hand off of you, Joe was distracted by all the wonderous sights, but happily and appropriately, you looked into the camera and said, "Cheese!!!" Love you, Mom

  3. I just remembered two things -
    First: I have a black and white snapshot (somewhere) of my two older brothers and myself (I was about five, I think) in a similar pose. That year, Mom and Dad took us up to the 34th St Macy*s to see the "real" Santa Claus, St. Patrick's Cathedral to see the statue of Baby Jesus in His manger, and to Rockafeller Center to see the Big Wonderous Tree.
    Second: I have several color photos taken in very early January, 2001, in almost the same spot, of Auntie Miriam, myself and Someone Special, with the wonderous Big Tree behind us. They are in my "I Love New York" Scrapbook I recently put together from my visits to NYC that year. When you come visit me, I will be happy to show them to you.

    1. Mom ~ I have another photograph taken from this exact spot of myself with the boys.. It is not good quality and taking with my phone... but I love it! I'll have to frame it side by side with this one. I want to see the 2001 photos and my Israel photos too...

  4. What a great idea, Corrie . . .
    and maybe, when i find the black and white one of myself with my brothers, i can add all three to the "Family christmas & other holidays" scrapbook i am working on. when you think about it, since my black and white photo is from the 1950s, that makes my photo an "antique" . . . your israli photos are here . . .somewhere . . . i just saw them the other day . . . or was it last year??? j/k
    love, Mom