Thursday, October 18, 2012

Instagram ~ love it or hate it?

Instagram is a photo sharing application in which you can edit and share your photos instantly.  It is an online community such as Facebook or Twitter, but specifically for photo sharing.

Morning Coffee on a Cold Fall Day
© Corrie M Avila

Instagram has taken photography to a whole new level.  I was hesitant to join in on the bandwagon for a while.  I felt like it devalued what we do as photographers.  But since I was always taking photos on my iPhone ~ suddenly Instagram seemed very appealing to check out.  It provides a way to do quick edits and thus opened up a whole new world of composing and editing photos on the go.  I started out just sharing my photos through Instagram on Facebook with my family and friends... but have more recently started exploring more of the functionality of the program.

Mason Neck State Park bathed in Autumn Colors
© Corrie M Avila

Instagram has some minor editing that you can do within the program, but there are also additional applications (some free and some paid) that you can use in conjuction with Instagram to further edit your photos.  Three of my favorites are Camera+ (full editing), Instaeffect (ability to use textures), and Instaframe (frames and collages).  I know there are other programs such as Camera Awesome, CameraTimer, SocialCam, and Postagram.  It seems like every day, there are new photo editing apps popping up all over the place.

My Photography App Folder (not including Camera+ which I have since added)
© Corrie M Avila

Now that you know what apps you need to edit your photos ~ it is time to post them on Instagram.  Just as other programs, you have those you are "following" and also "followers."  It opens up a whole new audience that you would not reach otherwise.  You can hashtag (#) your photo and it shows up on certain feeds where those with the same interests as you will see them.  Another perk is that you can upload photos from your real camera and use those on Instagram as well.

Photo Staged by my Littlest <3
© Corrie M Avila

So now to my absolute FAVORITE part ~ I can open up Instagram and see photos from around the world!  This truly speaks to every part of my traveling heart.  I can see someone on a bike ride in Paris, what the clouds looks like in Spain, or an Italian vineyard under the setting sun... the possibilities are endless <3

Jars of Clay Concert (one of my favorite edits)
© Corrie M Avila

Some of the negatives I have found are that there is a lot of spamming.  You can keep your Instagram account private to avoid this if you choose, but then that limits your exposure.  Since I am using Instagram as a social media tool for my business, I need to keep my account public.  But just as with spam all over the internet, don't click on anything that looks fishy and there are ways to report it.

NYC always on my Mind <3
© Corrie M Avila

I have only recently started Instagramming, and I know I still have a lot to learn, but I truly do love it.  Head on over and say hi and "follow" me and I'll be sure to "follow" you back <3  Find me on Instagram at TravelingHeartsPhotography.  Please comment below if you've got a favorite phone photo app to share or also your likes/dislikes about Instagram.

My Littlest Taking a Snooze in the Car
© Corrie M Avila

The best camera is truly the one you have with you.  Sometimes I will use Instagram to capture something that I will go back and shoot with my DSLR later on.  Other times I will be fully content with the image and memory obtained with my phone.  Life is fleeting ~ capture every moment <3

Happy Shooting!

Corrie <3


  1. Corrie - it is the last week of December, 2012, and as I have plenty of "down time" while recouperating from my knee injury, I decided to take a "walk" back and re-read your blogs from the past five months . . . quite a pleasant and beautiful journey. You know, I have come to really appreciate your instagram work - you have managed used it as a versatile medium to express and explore your creativity as a photo-artist . . . <3 XOXOXO <3 Mom

    1. Thanks mom :) I have been enjoying instagram tremendously as I am now able to be creative and edit photographs wherever I am. I will be putting together a new tutorial on phone photography soon so keep an eye out!