Monday, June 10, 2013

Busy as a Bee

I knew things would start getting crazy with our upcoming move, but as we enter our last full week here ~ I am running nonstop.  I went to "G's" kindergarten picnic this afternoon (which was moved indoors because of all the rain).  When "M" and I got home, I spent a few minutes gardening trying to get rid of some weeds and roughage.  As I was pruning one of my plants, I started watching this bee busy with his work.  He really didn't care that I was there as long as I didn't get in his way.  Being busy is sometimes inevitable, however we should always take time to stop and smell the roses... or in this case the lavender :)

Busy as a Bee
ISO 200 ~ 60mm ~ f/4.5 ~ 1/400 sec
© Corrie M Avila

Now "M" and I are off for a much needed afternoon nap.  It is thundering outside and warm and cozy in our humble abode.  Everything else can wait until later <3

Capturing the Moment,

Corrie <3


  1. Corrie . . . .
    I am with you, in prayer - you'll get through this time - and later be able to "smell the roses" - individual roses of remembrance of the special memories that you created in your garden, your heart, while going through this mitochondria change of separation from your old life in VA and embracing your new life in north Florida . . . (mitochondria is the part of the cell that separates first, before the cell divides - remember the picture in your high school biology book of the DNA strands lining up in the center of the cell, before increasing in length and eventually dividing, and then the cell dividing afterwards}. Part of your heart strings will always be in the places you lived, but you will always develop new heart strings where you are going!!! fortunately, you have little people and their hearts, plus a wonderful hubby to accompany you on this part of your journey through life!!!! i love the fact that you are enjoying it all to its fullest, even taking the time to observe the "busy bee" . . . Many of the Old Testament writers made references to insects - so you are not alone in your observations and comparisons of btw Insect Life in God's World and your own life stages!!!! "Consider the ant . . . . " think that one is in Proverbs and my column in ALM's newsletter, Widow's Web, was also based on the Book of Proverbs' description of the spider . . .
    happy thoughts, much prayer, and even more love!!!

    1. thanks mom, your prayers are much appreciated!