Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ten Reasons why Moving is like Being Pregnant

  1. you experience a mix of emotions ranging from excitement to fear
  2. there is so much preparation; however much of the prep work is the idea of the future and not anything specific
  3. there is most definitely a "nesting" phase
  4. the uncertainty of the future
  5. awkwardness from friends who don't know how to react with the news
  6. needing new clothes (change of seasons/climate)
  7. hormonal emotions
  8. after you move, everyone wants to come visit to see the new "house"
  9. there is a time period before, during, and after ~> where you just don't sleep
  10. the feeling towards the end can be likened to being 9 months pregnant... even if you know how bad it's going to hurt when that baby comes out, you just want it done and over with
Pregnant with Hope of the Future
ISO 100 ~ 60mm ~ f/5.6 ~1/50 sec
© Corrie M Avila

but in the end, you always adjust to the new normal ~ 
it just takes a bit of time...

Capturing the Moment,

Corrie <3

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