Saturday, July 20, 2013

Am I a man or a muppet?

Have you seen The Muppets?  It's a favorite in our home... (If you are on a mobile device, the video clip won't show up.... just google "Man or a Muppet"or look at the blog post on a desktop and the video clip should be there)

Lately I've been going through a lot of personal things.  Something I don't talk about very often is that I went to school for social work.  While I have worked in the field, I have not been able to attain my license due to our family relocating every few years with the military.  Our last tour I was working part-time and eventually had to leave my job completely because of our family situation.  My family always comes first and I needed to step away from my career and give my family 200%.

This was quite the blessing in disguise.  I needed something to keep me busy and that is when I picked up my camera and started to get serious about photography.  I was able to be with my family, give my youngest the special attention he needed, make all the additional appointments and yet still have a creative and fun outlet for myself.

Now it seems I am at a crossroad.  The boys are older, the previous pressing issues aren't there anymore, and we will be in one place for three years (translation ~ long enough to get licensed).

My heart is torn.  I want to do both.  I want to continue to pursue photography and get established in the area.... but I still have the heart of a social worker.  Is it possible to do both?  Yes, of course... but the way I handle tasks is to give my all.  I won't be able to divide my all three ways (photography, social work & family).  Something will have to give... something will sacrifice...

So am I a man (ahem ~ woman) or a muppet... I'm still not sure... but time will tell

Capturing the Moment,

Corrie <3


  1. Wow! I am a MSW who currently took up a passion to photography. I have worked in both Canada and the US. I switched to photography after working in the US. It's been a weighted journey while working in the US, and after having children I decided not to continue social work while living in the US. I needed the experience, but now I am trying to unite my passions. It's really enlightening seeing that I am not alone wi my passions! I know you'll be able to figure it all out. Your in my thoughts and prayers!

    1. That's so crazy Ena! Wow, what are the chances?? I truly think that having the insight and training of a social worker gives us the potential to be fabulous photographers because we just look at the world a little closer. You are also in my thoughts and prayers ~ good luck!