Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Finding Joy through Grief

Friday was one of the most traumatic days our nation has seen since 9-11.  The trauma that Sandy Hook Elementary endured will be engrained in every one of our hearts and minds forever.  I stayed away from the media for most of the weekend because of how heart wrenching this is.  I spent time sitting in my home feeling helpless, wishing I could do something to change the awful reality... but knowing nothing I did would change what already had happened.  Even though I couldn't change the past, I could change my present ~ so this weekend I spent a lot of time with my family, reflecting, cherishing, hugging, hoping, and loving.  I watched as a nation who was unable to process the 27 deaths (20 being children) at Sandy Hook Elementary, in turn, cling to their family and loved ones.

This weekend was packed full.  I had a maternity photo shoot in Washington DC, birthday parties to go to, Christmas gifts to make, and countless other errands to run... but rather than getting caught up in my "to-do" list, I put my focus back on my family.  Instead of getting frustrated with M for taking extra time getting ready, I sat down and just gave him a hug.  When G asked me to read another book, I happily obliged relishing in the extra snuggle time.  As I am typing this, M came over and asked for the Muppet song ~ so you guessed it, I am typing this blog listening to M sing to "Are You a Man or a Muppet."  We did puzzles, went on walks, read books, completed crafts, took photos together... 

Spending time with my Favorite 3 Guys doing a Puzzle.... 
and Ignoring Everything Else
Instagram Photo
© Corrie M Avila

Enjoy your family ~ cherish your family.  Don't let this be a short term change based solely on traumatic events, but rather make it a life change.  We have disconnected from our families based largely on the technological world we now live in.  Put the phones, ipods, computers, and video games down and unplug yourself for a while... you never know how long these angels will be with us.  I don't know about you, but I never want to have regrets.

M at the Dentist being Mr. Hot Stuff
Instagram Photo
© Corrie M Avila

When I first started this blog, I created a signature of "Happy Shooting" to sign off with.  In light of the movie theater shooting back in July, the shooting that occurred right in front of the Empire State Building in August, and now this massacre that happened in Newtown, CT.... I will be changing my signature.  I'm not sure what it will be yet... if you have any suggestions, let me know!!

Flag at Half Mast in Honor of the Victims from the Tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary
Taken at my Son's Elementary School on Monday
Instagram Photo
© Corrie M Avila

To all the families and friends of Sandy Hook Elementary and the town of Newtown, CT ~ our hearts are broken, our prayers are with you.  We will never forget <3

Solemnly Signing Off...

Corrie <3 

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