Monday, December 3, 2012

the middle of the trip "bla's"

Have you ever felt like this?  You start a vacation or a much anticipated trip and you are so excited you can hardly contain it.  You are busy planning and packing and preparing and then you FINALLY arrive at your destination and shoot out of the gates like a racehorse at the sound of the bell.  Then comes the middle of the trip.  You are halfway done, so the pressure is on to make sure you squeeze in and accomplish everything you want to before time runs out.  I am trying to not focus on the inevitable end in sight, but to enjoy the moment.  But I'll be honest, I am fighting the "bla's" just a bit.

We've seen and accomplished so much so far here in New York City, but I still have yet to see my tree in Rockefeller Center.  We are so close to it, walking distance actually... but I have yet to even get a glimpse.  Part of the reason we have pushed it off is that the weekend is more heavily laden with tourists.  Is it so wrong not to want to share??  The weather hasn't helped either.  It's been foggy, cold, and windy... so we have tried to do more of the indoor things.  And on the one night we were going to walk over after seeing Spiderman on Broadway, BOTH of our cell phones had died.  Since my sister was watching the boys at our hotel, we figured we should head back... I never knew a Christmas tree could be so elusive...

My Oldest Hailing a Cab 
he was so surprised when it worked!
iPhone Photo edited with the Snapseed App on my phone

But today is the day!  It is supposed to be beautiful with temps up to the 60's and the sun will be shining.  We also have to leave our gorgous hotel room as we only had a two night booking.  Where will we go?  I have no idea, but at noon, you can bet we will be checking "hotel tonight" again to find a new room.  I saw one listed yesterday called the Library Hotel.  The rooms all honor the Dewey Decimal system and the entire second floor is a reading room.  How AMAZING is that??

Well, enough blogging, it is time to get out there and get reacquainted with my Tree <3

Oh, and if you missed the link by Beryl Ayn Young I added to my Facebook page, check it out.  I think this photographer does a fantastic job explaining how to achieve beautiful photos incorporating Christmas lights and bokeh.

Happy Shooting

Corrie <3


  1. Thanks so much for sharing out my link! Just did a browse of your site, you take some incredible macro images! I hope you get your glimpse of the tree in NYC today. The weather here in VA is gorgeous!

    1. Thank you so much for your comments Beryl! I've been enjoying your blog and website so much! You explain things in such an easy to understand way. I did get to see the tree and it was as beautiful as ever <3 I am from the VA area as well ~ it's a small world!

  2. I can hardly wait until you post photos of your Tree! Hope the rain this morning doesn't spoil your fun <3 auntie