Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"Are you planning photography around your trip?" OR "Planning your trip around photography?"

"Are you planning photography around your trip?"  OR "Planning your trip around photography?"

Your answer to the above question will be a clear indicator to the where you are in your relationship with your camera!  I know for me, I started out planning photography around my trips... and now it is seriously the opposite.  I am taking into account the time of day, the lighting, the scenery.... all before I even leave the house.  There are probably many of you somewhere in the middle.  I know with me, the level of focus on photography depends on if I am flying solo for photos or if I have the family with me.  But one thing is for sure, my family ALWAYS comes first.  I have missed out on photo opportunities before and I am 100% okay with that.  There will always be something to photograph, I will only have my boys for this moment, right now.  In life, balance is so important... with everything.

Regardless of where your focus lies, there are ways to make it work.  If you stay organized and plan ahead, you can fit photography into your probably very full schedule.  Think about what you enjoy doing and seeing, the places that you like to go.  There are most likely fantastic photo opportunities tied right there with what you love to do.  Take advantage of every moment <3

Tomorrow after school, my two boys and I have a date to go on a nature walk.  Each of us will have a camera and as my my 5 y/o stated, he's most excited about finding frogs to take photos of <3

Happy Shooting!


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