Saturday, September 22, 2012

Chihuly, knee high socks, and the Twin Towers

Yesterday I was looking for my photos from my time in Israel back in 1999.  I was thinking about Dale Chihuly (a well known glass sculpture artist) and how he created an exhibition in Jerusalem while I was there (check it out here).  I wanted to go back and look at my photos (and honestly see if any of them were any good).  I remember my time there so vividly and had high hopes that some of the photos would show that.

While looking for my Israel photos, I came across a small photo album that I didn't recognize.  I started to flip through it and I found the very photo that was ingrained in my memory.  It is me looking at the Twin Towers through a coin operated telescope from Staten Island, NY.  The date stamp on the photo is 1987, so that would make me about six years old.  My brother is off to the left of the photo.

Twin Towers <3
© Traveling Hearts Photography 1987

I don't have many memories of my childhood before the age of 5, this being one of the first main ones.  The fact that I have this photo is priceless to me.  It may be old, stained, grainy, and not especially composed well... but it is priceless to me.  So now that I have it scanned and on my hard drive, the original is going in my firesafe lockbox.

I finally did find my Israel pictures and they do not do my memories justice.  I think photographs are a great reminder of our memories, but I don't think they can ever replace them.  That being said, I am ecstatic that I have this priceless reminder of a very important memory.  

The Twin Towers are here standing tall, firm, and regal.  A reminder that as Americans, we will continue to stand through anything.  I am excited that the rebuilding of the World Trade Center is making so much progress and that we will continue to Stand.

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And no one is allowed to laugh at my socks ~ growing up in the 80's was a challenging fashion era! :)

Happy Shooting!