Saturday, September 29, 2012

Nothing says Fall better than going Apple Picking!

Today the family and I are venturing out to go Apple Picking in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  One of the things on my "I have to photograph before we move" list are some mountain landscape photos blanketed in fall hues.  It is about an hour drive for us to get there so I haven't been able to hop on over and check the status of the leaves yet.  So this trip is dual purpose for me.  The first reason is to spend time with the family apple picking and the second reason is to check on the readiness of the leaves!  I've been to this Orchard before and it has the most amazing view at the top.  So pretty and so worth the drive.  And seriously, what says Fall better than Apple Picking <3  When I get home, I'll post some photos of the day and tell you a little more about this particular orchard.

Enjoy your Weekend and Happy Shooting!


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